Saturday, 10 October 2009


Things are changing at Evolve Your Fitness.

When we started this blog, our intention was to focus entirely on practical advice for intermediate CrossFitters. We still feel that is an important subject, and we still intend to spend time writing about it.

But as the CrossFit community grows, it changes. A lot of these changes are good. Some, we feel, aren't, and these days, the opinions we hold aren't voiced as often, or as loudly they should be.

The founders of Evolve Your Fitness (all two of them) are "old school" CrossFitters when it comes to our philosophy on fitness. We value a sub 20 minute 5k run and a press-to-handstand on the rings just as much as we value a 1.5 bodyweight clean & jerk. Our programming and training reflect that. We don't specialize, not even a little. We don't think that the path to the greatest work capacity across broad time and modal domains lies in avoiding some of those domains.

This seems obvious to us: we ourselves, and the athletes we coach, have made tremendous gains in fitness by training this way.

But from where we're standing, a lot of people seem to disagree. And in the open source spirit that CrossFit was founded on, we feel it's our duty to ask: based on what data?

Measurable, observable, repeatable: that's all we ask.

Who can meet those standards?  That's all we want to know.


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